MARS PowerPoint 2007 Advanced - Charts and Tables

Tables And Charts

  • understanding tables
  • creating a table
  • formatting a table
  • about charts
  • creating a chart
  • changing chart types
  • applying a chart style
  • changing the chart layout

Modifying Charts

  • chart elements
  • modifying chart data
  • deleting data series
  • changing the layout of chart elements
  • formatting chart elements
  • working with pie charts.

Modifying Tables

  • formatting a table
  • formatting text as bullets
  • changing column width
  • changing row height
  • adding borders
  • adding shading.


  • understanding themes
  • applying a built-in theme
  • changing theme colours
  • changing theme fonts
  • changing theme effects
  • changing slide backgrounds
  • installing a custom theme
  • changing the page setup


  • about templates
  • creating a blank presentation
  • applying a theme
  • creating a new layout
  • customising a layout
  • adding content
  • creating a template
  • using a custom template.

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