MARS Project 2007 Essentials - Basics

Microsoft Project Basics

  • overview of Microsoft Project
  • starting Microsoft Project
  • the Microsoft Project screen
  • working with views
  • working with split screens
  • understanding sheet views
  • working with tables
  • working the Gantt chart view
  • understanding Microsoft Project menus
  • understanding toolbars
  • working with existing project files
  • exiting from Microsoft Project.

Creating A New Project

  • new project overview
  • understanding your project
  • creating a new project
  • saving a new project file
  • changing time unit options
  • pitfalls in changing options
  • understanding working time in project
  • understanding calendars in project
  • modifying the standard calendar
  • specifying holidays
  • creating a new calendar
  • specifying project summary information
  • specifying project file properties.

Project Management

  • what is a project
  • tasks and resources
  • the importance of planning
  • steps in project management
  • project management tools
  • using a computer
  • the advantages of Microsoft Project
  • the disadvantages of Microsoft Project.

Creating Tasks

  • overview of creating tasks
  • reviewing a project
  • entering tasks
  • creating summary tasks
  • moving about a sheet
  • working with summary tasks.

Creating Relationships

  • overview of creating relationships
  • catching up with the case study
  • linking tasks
  • creating relationships using task entry
  • using task information for relationships
  • creating relationships in a sheet view
  • staying on schedule using relationships
  • entering lag time 
  • entering lead time.

Resourcing A Project

  • overview of resourcing
  • creating a resource pool
  • entering materials
  • assigning calendars to resources
  • adjusting resource information
  • changing the unit display.

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