MARS Project 2007 Advanced - Templates and Resources

Managing Project Costs

  • analyse and update cost rate tables
  • group costs
  • link documents to a project plan


  • understanding templates
  • navigating through the templates
  • saving a project as a template
  • using a custom template
  • creating a template shortcut
  • managing my templates
  • modifying a template
  • understanding the global template
  • organising the global template
  • applying a newly organised item
  • removing items from the global template.

Microsoft Project Files

  • the compatibility conundrum
  • opening a Microsoft Project 2007 file
  • moving a project
  • working with multiple files
  • finding the workspace command
  • creating a workspace
  • using a workspace
  • hiding files that are open.

Linking and Combining Projects

  • understanding linked projects
  • combining projects
  • viewing a combined project
  • printing from a combined project
  • setting a combined project start date
  • changing data in a combined project
  • saving and closing a combined project
  • using only the combined project file
  • using only sub-project files
  • inserting sub-projects
  • breaking sub-project links
  • creating a read only sub-project
  • inserting task links
  • creating a summary milestone.

Shared Resources

  • understanding resource sharing
  • creating a common resource pool
  • linking to an external pool
  • linking a new project file to the pool
  • assigning resources from the pool
  • working with shared resources
  • checking for resource links
  • managing shared resources
  • opening shared resource projects
  • opening the resource pool only
  • assembling a resource master
  • working with a resource master.

Downsizing Larger Projects

  • understanding project down-sizing
  • creating the resource file
  • creating smaller projects
  • linking sub-projects to resources
  • preparing for the master project
  • creating the down-sized master file
  • setting project links
  • finalising the master.

Other Applications

  • understanding working with applications
  • copying a Gantt chart image
  • copying table data
  • copying to Microsoft Excel
  • linking to Microsoft Excel
  • exporting to Microsoft Excel
  • exporting to Excel using a map
  • using visual reports.

Microsoft Project VBA

  • understanding VBA in Microsoft Project
  • accessing the developer tab
  • recording a macro
  • running a macro
  • examining the macro code
  • making a macro global
  • adding a macro to the QAT.

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  • Duration: 1/2 day
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