MARS Project 2007 Advanced - Projections and Presentations

Project Views

  • understanding project view
  • working with standard views
  • creating split views
  • creating a custom view
  • creating a combination view
  • using custom views
  • customising the view menus
  • saving an existing view
  • deleting unwanted views
  • keeping new views local.


  • exploring tables
  • creating a new table
  • adding fields to a table
  • formatting table fields
  • using a custom table
  • using a hyperlink field.

Controlling Project Data

  • understanding data tools
  • using highlighting
  • using filters
  • creating a custom filter
  • editing existing filter
  • deleting an unwanted filter
  • grouping tasks
  • using AutoFilters.

Formatting Projects

  • formatting projects
  • understanding the timescale
  • changing time periods
  • showing tiers
  • modifying specific tiers
  • formatting non-working time
  • changing text styles
  • working with grid-lines
  • displaying progress lines
  • working with progress lines
  • changing the layout
  • understanding Gantt chart bars
  • changing Gantt chart styles
  • changing bar text
  • formatting selected bars
  • changing bar styles.

Gantt Chart Printing

  • displaying printing commands
  • performing a print preview
  • setting page breaks
  • printing specific dates and pages
  • inserting headers
  • inserting footers
  • working with the legend
  • getting the right report fit
  • printing to PDF.

Predefined Reports

  • understanding pre-defined reports
  • using a pre-defined report
  • using report lists
  • modifying an existing report
  • cross tabulation reports
  • dissecting a cross tabulation report
  • creating a custom cross tabulation
  • adjusting the details of a custom report
  • sharing custom reports.

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  • Duration: 1/2 day
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