On-Demand Labs: LO10961 Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell


Support your in-class learning with 3 months access to the lab environments used throughout the course.

These self paced labs for the training course 10961: Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell® assist students to learn to execute and monitor scripts more efficiently through more robust session connectivity, workflow capabilities, improved job scheduling, and Windows PowerShell Web Access.


At the completion of these labs students will cover:

  • Getting Started with Windows PowerShell: Full 
  •  Working with the Pipeline: Full 
  •  Working with Pipeline Parameter Binding: Full 
  • Using PSProviders and PSDrives: Full 
  • Formatting Output: Full 
  •  Working with WMI and CIM: Full 
  •  Working with Security in Windows PowerShell: Full 
  • Moving from Command to Script to Module: Full 
  • Administering Remote Computers: Full 
  • Provisioning a New Server Core Instance: Full 
  • Using Background Jobs and Scheduled Jobs: Full 
  •  Practicing Advanced Techniques: Full

Bundle offers available with instructor led courses

Instructor Led Training: 10961- Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell®

On-Demand Labs are not stand alone and cannot be sold without an applicable course

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Course Info

  • Code: ODL10961
  • Duration: 90 Days
  • Price: $242.00

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