On Demand Labs: LO10972 Administering the Web Server IIS Role of Windows Server


Support your in-class learning with 3 months access to the lab environments used throughout the course.

These self paced labs for the training course 10972: Administering the Web Server IIS Role of Windows Server assist students with how to install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot an Internet Information Services (IIS) 8.5 Web Server in Windows Server 2012R2.


At the completion of these labs students will cover:

  • Installing Internet Information Services 
  • Configuring the Default Website for Public Access / Creating Virtual Directories and Applications 
  • Configuring and Managing Application Pools / Configuring Application Pool Recycling 
  • Examining Existing Websites for Binding Conflicts / Creating New Websites 
  • Configuring Common Features / Configuring Support for Web Applications 
  • Configuring Authentication and Access / Configuring URL Authorization Rules 
  • Creating and Managing Web Server Certificates / Adding a Certificate to a Website 
  • Installing and Configuring the Centralized Certificate Store 
  • Installing and Configuring the Management Service / Connecting to Remote Web Servers and Websites / Delegating Management Permissions 
  • Installing and Configuring an FTP Site 
  • Monitoring IIS Logs / Analyzing Performance Counters 
  •  Backing Up and Recovering Configuration History
  • Building a Load-Balanced Web Farm by Using ARR / Sharing Content in a Web Farm by Using Shared Folders / Sharing Web Farm Content by Using DFS-R / Sha

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Instructor Led Training: 10972 - Administering the Web Server IIS Role of Windows Server

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  • Code: ODL10972
  • Duration: 90 Days
  • Price: $242.00

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