Project - Module 1 (Project Development Essentials)

Course Description

This course aims to introduce the learner to using Microsoft Project 2003 to help manage a large range of projects, from small to large scale. It covers the important aspects of dealing with tasks and resources and pays particular and crucial attention to problem areas that often arise when using a computer to help manage projects.


This course is designed for participants with little or no knowledge of Microsoft Project 2003. However, some understanding of Windows and file management would be desirable.


At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • start Microsoft Project and work with it's key screen features
  • use the help system in Microsoft Project 2003
  • create a new project file
  • understand the essentials of project management
  • create tasks in a project file
  • enter various durations for tasks in a project
  • create relationships between tasks in a project
  • create a resource pool for a project
  • effectively use resource assignment in a project
  • assign resources to tasks in a project
  • resolve resource over allocation problems
  • assign materials in a project
  • assign costs in a project
  • impost constraints and deadlines on a project
  • monitor a project and track its progress
  • print various aspects of a project.

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