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Arguably the most capable of all the open source data-bases, PostgreSQL is an object-relational data-base management system that (until now) lacked comprehensive, easy-to-use documentation. Practical PostgreSQL is a fast-paced guide that shows you how to get PostgreSQL installed, configured, and running. Complete with a CD-ROM of the Postgre Application Server, LXP, this comprehensive book delves into the many advanced features, including the the use of SQL within PostgreSQL, and covers basic PostgreSQL data-base administration.


Complete with a CD-ROM of the PostgreSQL Application Server, LXP, this comprehensive new volume shows you

  • how to compile PostgreSQL from source
  • create a data-base
  • configure PostgreSQL to accept client-server connections.

It also covers the many advanced features, such as transactions, versioning, replication, and referential integrity that enable developers and DBAs to use PostgreSQL for serious business applications. The thorough introduction to PostgreSQL's PL/pgSQL programming language explains how you can use this very useful but under-documented feature to develop stored procedures and triggers.

The book includes a complete command reference, and data-base administrators will appreciate the chapters on user management, data-base maintenance, and backup and recovery. With Practical PostgreSQL, you will discover quickly why this open source database is such a great open source alternative to proprietary products from Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft.


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