Publisher 2007/2010 Module 1

Course Description

The skills and knowledge covered in this publication are sufficient to create real-world documents, including letters, memos, faxes, basic flyers, basic newsletters, calendars, envelopes, labels and the like. This publication is primarily designed for people, who need to know how to use the Microsoft Publisher 2007/2010 to create a range of business-based documents, including brochures, fliers, newsletters, labels, and the like.

Topics Include

  • Publisher essentials
  • layout and page techniques
  • objects and frames
  • text
  • text techniques
  • tabs and lists

Additional Topics, time permitting:

  • tables
  • stationary and page
  • mail merge
  • drawing
  • WordArt
  • Publisher 2007 orientation

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Course Info

  • Code: PUBCUST
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Price: $475.00

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