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MSGetting certified can boost your career, and now you have another chance at success. Microsoft Exam Replay gives you more options and can help improve your exam odds. Whether you get an exam retake or an exam retake combined with a practice test, you choose what you need to succeed.




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Microsoft Certifications can make a big difference in your career, because industry leaders look for qualified professionals with certifications. But you need the right game plan. Purchase an Exam Replay with your Microsoft exam voucher, and get an extra chance to score!

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Frequently asked questions

Q. What is a Microsoft Exam Replay?

  • A Microsoft Exam Replay is an exam voucher combined with one retake of the same exam.

Q. How many Exam Replays can I purchase at once?

  • Each Exam Replay includes one voucher for an initial exam and for one retake of the same exam. You can purchase as many Exam Replays as you wish.

Q. When are Exam Replays available?

  • Exam Replays are available for purchase beginning October 24, 2016.

Q. Are Exam Replays available worldwide?

  • Yes, Exam Replays are available worldwide.

Q. How many exam retakes do I get with an Exam Replay?

  • An Exam Replay is good for one retake of the same exam, if you don’t pass the initial exam.

Q. Which exams qualify for Exam Replays?

  • Exam Replays apply to the exams in our Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD), and Microsoft Specialist certifications and to Microsoft Dynamics exams.

Q. For how long are the Exam Replay vouchers valid?

  • All Exam Replay vouchers expire one (1) year from the date of purchase. You must schedule and take the exam (and the retake) within one year of purchase.

Q. Can I take an online proctored exam with the exam voucher in an Exam Replay?

  • Yes, where online proctored exams are available, they can be taken with an Exam Replay voucher.

Q. Can I schedule my initial exam and the retake at the same time?

  • No, you cannot register for your exam retake until you have taken and failed to pass the initial exam.

Q. How do I use the practice test, and how long is it valid?

  • The practice tests can be activated at MeasureUp. When purchased as part of an Exam Replay with Practice Test, the practice test is valid for 30 days from activation.

Q. Can other offers or discounts be combined with an Exam Replay?

  • No, an Exam Replay cannot be combined with other special offers.

Q. If I have previously paid for an exam or a practice test, and now I’ve also purchased an Exam Replay, can I get a refund on the exam or practice test I originally purchased?

  • No. Neither an Exam Replay nor an Exam Replay with Practice Test apply to exams purchased separately.


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