RHCSA Rapid Track Course with Exam


The RHCSA Rapid Track course (RH200) relates to Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 7 and is designed for students who already have significant experience with Linux administration. The course reviews the tasks covered in Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) and II (RH134) at an accelerated pace.


On completion of course materials, students should be prepared to take the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) exam. This version of the course includes the exam.

Note: This course builds on a student's existing understanding of command-line based Linux system administration. Students should be able to execute common commands using the shell, work with common command options, and access man pages for help. Students lacking this knowledge are strongly encouraged to take Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) and II (RH134) instead.


  • managing users and groups, files, and file permissions
  • updating software packages with YUM
  • managing and troubleshooting systemd services during the boot process
  • network configuration and basic troubleshooting
  • managing local storage and creating and using file systems
  • Firewall management with firewalld
  • managing kernel-based virtual machines (KVMs)
  • automating installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux using Kickstart.


  • Students for this class should have 1-3 years of full time Linux administration experience.


Students attending this course should have basic experience with the following, with minimal dependence on documentation:

  • Linux (some of the course may be review)
  • the bash shell, including job control (&, fg, bg, jobs), shell expansion (command, tilde, globbing, brace, protection from expansion), I/O redirection, and pipes
  • IPv4 networking addressing and routing concepts, TCP/UDP, and ports
  • navigation of the GNOME 3 interface
  • editing text files from the command line with vim or other available programs
  • finding information in man pages and info nodes
  • the concept of file permissions
  • interactive installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • per-user 'at' and 'cron' jobs
  • use of archival utilities such as 'tar', 'zip', and compression utilities
  • absolute and relative paths
  • finding files with 'find' and 'locate'.

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  • Melbourne
  • 8/07/2019 - 12/07/2019
  • Canberra
  • 8/07/2019 - 12/07/2019
  • Sydney
  • 8/07/2019 - 12/07/2019

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