Unified Contact Centre Express Advanced


Building on the knowledge base and scripting experience learned in CRSD / UCCXD classes, this course covers advanced techniques in scripting and overall CRS functionality. During this five-day class students implement such things as extending the functionality of UCCX using many of the tools that are already available in the premium version of the product. Expect to spend time exploring the Agent Desktop Interface and the Desktop Administrator to invoke behaviours that involve Third Party applications and web based apps like: Web Callback Option and Leave a Message in Queue. There will be a major focus on Scripting and Subsystem management.

Course Outline:

  • session management review
  • build common utilities (Lecture/Lab)
  • basic ACD routing
  • common/good practices
  • data-base setup/steps
  • more ACD routing
  • advanced ACD routing
  • advanced ACD call-back options
  • advanced data-base configuration
  • agent desktop configuration.

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Course Info

  • Code: UCCXA
  • Duration: 5
  • Price: $5,750.00

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