Microsoft Windows 10 for the End User

Microsoft Windows 10 is designed for users who are keen to learn how to operate the software to perform tasks that include: starting applications, creating folders, copying and moving files, creating and using libraries, performing searches, and personalising Windows.

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • work with the basic components of the Windows 10 interface
  • personalise the user interface
  • learn how to use the Get Started app and Cortana
  • work with desktop program and app windows
  • use Windows to install, update and uninstall programs
  • understand data storage and navigate your computer's drives, folders and files
  • work with several of the default Windows apps
  • navigate the folder hierarchy and work with folders
  • manage files on your computer
  • understand the purpose and function of libraries, and how to manage libraries
  • work with the Recycle Bin to manage deleted items
  • work with Quick Access and shortcuts in File Explorer
  • use the Windows search function
  • manage your printer and printing tasks in Windows
  • understand and work with Microsoft Edge
  • manage user accounts
  • work with Windows security features
  • back up and restore data
  • access the command line interface in Windows
  • use several features to optimise the Windows operating system.

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