WORD 2007 Level 3 (Creating Easy Proposals, Reports & Business Documents)

General Description

Microsoft Word 2007 Level 3 is designed to provide the learner with advanced skills and knowledge in using Microsoft Word. This publication focuses on producing longer documents and includes key aspects such as creating a table of contents, indexing, creating cover pages, and more. This publication also focuses on document automation through the use of fields, forms, and macros, and also deals with document change tracking and protection. This publication is ideal for people who work in offices, for clubs or charities where there is a requirement to produce more intricate documents.

This publication assumes an understanding of Microsoft Word requisite with the skills and knowledge covered in Level 1 and Level 2 of this series.


At the completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Use bookmarks to mark and locate text
  • Create tables of content and indexes
  • Create longer, more structured documents using Master Documents and various page techniques
  • Insert data into documents from other sources
  • Automate documents using fields and macros
  • Automate documents using fields and macros
  • Create smarter merge operations
  • Create complex drawings using SmartArt
  • Collaborate with colleagues and track changes made to documents
  • Protect documents from unauthorized changes
  • Create electronic forms.

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